The कलम Project

Enhancing the quantity of literate citizens isn’t the solution to India’s human resource perils. That we realise and implement the necessity for parallel enhancement of quality of these citizens shall add on to the assets of the nation.

So, how do we contribute in providing appropriate facilities to these literate citizens for quality and skill development? How do we contribute in changing the way children learn? How do we introduce technology to fulfill our goals? Who should be the primary recipient? How do we change the way children (Who are devoid of basic facilities such as sanitation, fans, benches and proper education even in urban areas) look towards education?

In a process of answering these questions and bringing a difference in the immediate vicinity, we at Birla School, Kalyan decided to embark on ‘The कलम Project’.

What do we plan to do?

  1. To adopt a weekend class of a public/Government school and conduct classes by student volunteers/ teacher Volunteers.
  2. To provide basic technological infrastructure in the adopted school to assist the students in learning using technology.
  3. To record classes by teachers and student volunteers in the school and teach the adopted school children through flipped classes or/and video conferencing.
  4. The core committee through its technical team shall promote and publicize the cause using social networking sites (SNS) and blogs. These posts shall invite interested volunteers spanning across ages to support the cause through the weekend programme: ‘Adopt a Class for a Weekend’ (ACW). Training of the volunteers for the same shall be conducted by the core committee in the manner that is convenient to both the groups.
  5. To facilitate the adopted school with basic facilities of sanitation, human resource, audio-visual facilities and internet connection through sponsored funds.
  6. To complete the initial phase of work by October 2015 and initiate the work for other schools subsequently.

Let us join our hands together and strive towards building a better childhood, enhanced learning and a progressive nation…

To help you know our work, our Project Head for the ACW Programme : Ashish Shirodkar, presents the official ‘Kalam Project’ video to you. Go ahead and explore the beauty of service and education!

The Kalam Project Official Video


24 thoughts on “The कलम Project

    1. On the behalf of the Core Committee, it would be great if you could assist us in this project in any manner. Could you please provide your reference and contact details so that we can contact you further on this? You can also send us a mail or call us through the ‘Contact Us’ option under the ‘Menu’. Thank You so much for your support!


  1. Would like to be a part of this in full capacity ..!!
    Always proud to be a Birlite.
    I can try to get my college committee to come in association With this project

    Liked by 1 person

  2. How we enroll for this training? Is it limited to Birla school students or parents can contribute as well? My kid is in pre-primary, can I bring her along so she gains awareness and connect to social needs? Where I can find more information and who can be contacted?


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